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Ready to up-level your video? Drone is definitely the way to go. Aerial shots of buildings, nature, or even construction sites add a whole other dimension to your video not typically seen by the average passerby.

Matthew's Drone Reel
IMG_3734 2.JPG


Matthew is our FAA certified drone pilot here at Wildly Creative Co. and he has ALL of the skills! He excels at creative drone shots not seen anywhere else; shots using parallax, smooth AF motion, and unique perspectives. Matthew really takes flying drones cinematically to the next level.


Not only does he fly a DJI drone, he also builds and flies his own FPV drones. FPV, for those of you who don't know, is "First Person View", where the pilot views the flight through a pair of goggles, seeing the flight from the drone's point of view. The benefits of FPV are speed (up to 100mph), agility and maneuverability as well as a unique angle to any scenerio not seen in cinematic drones.

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