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about this team.

Here, we have wild hearts, creative minds and are definitely covered in dog hair. Our team delivers value, creativity and personalized attention in every project. We show up, stand out and serve better. That's how we fit into the video and photo scene. Now it's your turn to put your company in the spotlight.

Trista & Matthew



It was 2019 when Trista first started looking into starting her own business. She had been a social media/marketing/design manager and director of content creation at past jobs; but still wasn't feeling fulfilled by the work she was doing for these companies. She felt like there was something more she could offer with her creativity and free spirit.


That's when Matthew asked her, "Why don't you start your own business? You've done similar things for all of these companies, helped them create unique content they've never thought of before, helped them generate more revenue, and created a larger audience for them. Why not?"

And that's how Wildly Creative Co. was born.

Since then, Trista has worked with a variety of clients on so many types of projects it's hard to name them all. She's created fire brand videos, beautifully branded photoshoots, commercial productions and more all on her own. More recently, she's hired on Matthew, as First Assistant Camera Operator.


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